On a long-term basis, Sindat coordinates top order innovations in the group of controlled entities, both on strategic as well as product levels. Since 1990, the company has been at the inception of tens of research and development products as well as patents in the field of fine chemicals and textile and in the recent years it has been coordinating - through SinBio (Nanopharma, CellMaGel, BioInova and EponaCell) product innovation activities in the sphere of nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Within the framework of the controlled group, the company financially supports activities of basic research, in which it cooperates with major domestic and foreign universities and scientific institutions. At the same time, the company creates an administrative, personal and financial environment for activities of applied research in the spheres of functionalized nanofiber structures, tissue engineering for veterinary practice as well as projects aimed at the creation of cellular products for medical purposes. As a long-standing and financially stable company, Sindat creates for its controlled companies, and their partners, economic conditions that are essential prerequisites for cooperation with international institutions, which has been a key priority of the non-consolidated Sindat Group in the recent years.