Heubach pigments

Since 2002, Sindat spol s r.o. is the exclusive representative and distributor of Heubach GmbH for the whole territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its products are supplied form a local warehouse in the Czech Republic. Heubach GmbH ranks among the world leading manufacturers of anticorrosive pigments, toning systems, organic and inorganic pigments and various types of pigment preparations. In terms of application, its products are focused mostly to the production of paints (both for industrial applications and in the do-it-yourself segment), decorative paints, powder coatings, plastic materials, production of printing colours and other special industrial segments (such as paper-and-pulp industries, seed colouring, viscose colouring, etc.).

Anticorrosive pigments

In their majority, these products are based on zinc phosphate (even though standard zinc phosphate is still used, modified zinc phosphates are applied at an increasing rate). However, there are also "zincfree" products focused on many industrial applications (automotive, industry, general engineering, building structures, aircraft industry, etc.)

Inorganic pigments

In the first place, this product range includes highly durable pigments for exterior applications.

Organic pigments

In this product range, a special attention is paid to the so-called highly-durable HP polymers and phthalocyanine pigments (both blue and green) mainly for industrial applications, but the offer also includes standard pigments suitable for interior applications and do-it-yourself segment.

Toning systems

Owing to the extensive application-development background and in-house pigment basis, this is the most dynamically developing production segment in the last couple of years. This involves special toning systems for water-based paints, but their versatile use is also focused on industrial applications as well as retail hobby shops.

The offered range of our products already contains standard toning systems, but it is possible to develop even a special toning system on a customer demand.

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