Nanomaterials, nanotechnology

Sindat has been committed to a long-term support of commercialization of nanotechnology solutions and their development. The company uses its expertise in innovation and technology transfer management, as well as first-hand knowledge of trends and unmet needs of the main application industries and territories.

The main focus of the company lies in application of 2D and 3D nanofibrous structures as delivery systems of bioactive substances, sensors, scaffolds for cell culture and tissue repair and, finally, membranes for technical applications such as functional textile, filtration and organic electronics.

To its partners, Sindat offers samples from tens of polymers and contract research services for the introduction of nanofibers into product innovations of the highest order:

  • Incorporation of nanoparticles and active substances into nanofiber systems
  • Analysis and design of technical solutions encompassing nanofiber materials or the modification of other (nano) materials
  • Development of customized nanofiber layers
  • Research into the production of nanofiber structures from specific materials
  • Feasibility studies
  • Full design and implementation of development projects from concept creation right through to operational testing
  • Integration of technologies into customers' operations
  • Constituent research work – research, testing of mechanical properties, analysis of material structures, etc.
For more detailed information about available technologies and material properties, please download our catalogue.
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Ing. Liliana Berezkinová
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