Grant management

Sindat Group actively applies grant management as an effective instrument for execution of innovative and infrastructure projects within domestic, EU and international funding programmes. Due to the wide range of branches of business comprised in the Group, and the diverse nature of the activities of each separate company, over more than six years of existence, Sindat Group has built up a strong base of competences and contacts, as well as an excellent knowledge of best practices to apply in relation to acquisition, management and sustainability of projects, which it also offers clients outside the group.

A comprehensive grant-related advisory facility, including services provided for the duration of the project cycle, from evaluation of the profile of the applicant for funding, available funding, through completion of the application for funding and management for execution of the funded project, all the way to evaluation of the entire investment project, including assistance in finding potential partners for implementing the project.

Contact: Mgr. Miloslav Drbálek,
+421 731 195 960,

We focus primarily on:

  • business entities - SMEs and even large corporations that wish to develop their business with the help of subsidy and grant programmes, either alone, or in cooperation with other corporations and scientific research institutes
  • scientific research institutes seeking cooperation with both Czech and foreign SMEs in the area of technology transfer, common research activities, etc.
Main Project Activities
  • preparation of strategy for gaining funding
  • selection of a suitable grant area for the client
  • compilation of a partnership and consortium profile according to the nature of the client and the focus of funding
  • publication and active promotion of the profile in domestic, international and professional networks
  • certification of client eligibility for participation in the selected programme
  • familiarisation of client with all requirements for provision of funding
  • calculation of the financial health of the client’s enterprise and provision of advice in the area of preparative activities relating to writing project application
  • setting up electronic app for application submission
  • creation or adaptation of the client’s internal corporate documents for receiving funding
Project proposal
Registration application form
Financial statements
  • Preparation and submission of complete applications for funding, in the course of which we draw up all necessary materials, such as:
Viability study
Detailed project budget
Financial analysis of project
Risk analysis
Financial viability check, etc.
Activities upon project assignment
  • legal service
  • accountancy
  • arrangement of all communication and cooperation with the funding provider and with the project partner during preparations for and execution of the project
  • arranging smooth conduction of all administrative tasks related with the project, including the following:
Conducting tender procedures
Submitting monitoring reports
Issuing demands for payment etc.